For a list of Timers, Level Restrictions and Starter Hints, click here.Children of the Prodigal Lord Carenzi PlagueFinding RheagaGuardian of Linvak Tukal

Undead Sailor Masks Update - Arm, Mind, Heart

Rekindling the Light(coming Feb. 20, 2007)

Bridging the Vast DivideShadowy Statues of the Hopeslayer Bur Summoning Pedestals Bur Kill Tasks Tanada Clan Master's Medallion

Cold TracksPet Pengiun Tanada House of Earth Dagger of Tikola Update Search for Asheron

Remembering the PastMessenger's CollarViamontian Heritage Masks Soul Hunter's Orders The Rise and Fall of the Tanada Ulgrim Driking Contest New Augmentation Gem

Dance of the DeadNew Masks & Guises Pumpkin & Scarecrow Updates

Ruschk Tasks

Search for Lunnum Tremendous Monouga Backpack

Zombie Butlers

Come What Follows Composite Bow Upgrade Cow Tipping Enhanced Trophy Items Mi Krau Li's Remastered Jitte New Kill Tasks Ninja Armor Pets Silifi of Crimson Stars Upgrade

Shattering the Dark Mukkir Nest - updated Sawato Bandit Quest Totem Gateways

Toward Ancient Shores Carraida's Avenger Dark Isle Flagging Relic Armor

From the Darkest Depths Helm of Isin Dule Red Rune Silveran Weapons - ToD Rossu Morta Recall Orb - ToD Shadow Hunter Titles Whispering Blade Recall Orb - ToD

The Price of Loyalty Lost Messenger (Rossu Morta) - ToD Pheraion's Sanctum (Whispering Blade) - ToD Royal Runed Weapons

Shield of Isin Dule

Targor's Awakening

Shining Runes and Shattered Hands Alduressa Shadow Armor - ToD April's Fool Title Dark Monolith Mukkir Nest Prismatic Shadow Armor Rossu Morta Chapterhouse - ToD Son of Pooky (Pookie) Ulgrim's Eep Title Whispering Blade Chapterhouse - ToD

Down Twisting Paths Quests

Bandits of the Creepy Chambers
The Dark Spiral

Loyalty Reset - ToD Rare Pack Idols Sword of Bellenesse Viamontian Shadow Armor Prep - ToD Water Stasis

A Change in Tactics QuestsBlack Pages of Salt and AshPlateau Village Transit Prismatic Oil - EssencesRat Catcher - ToD Rossu Morta Boots - ToD

Shadowfire Stone

Whispering Blade Boots - ToD

Reprisals QuestsAbominable Snowman Head of Baron Entemarre - ToD Necklace of the Elemental Adepts - ToD Shadow Stone Thief of Lunnum - ToD

Through Sacrifice, Strength Quests Shield of Yanshi Temple of the Stirring Shadow Viamont Staging Area - ToD (high section)

Ashes and Dust Quests Collegium Occultus Ring - ToD

Glenden Wood Invaders

Nexus Commander's Helm

'Tricks and Treats' Quests Majestic Pumpkin Mukkir Orb

Under Cover of Night Quests The Deep - ToD Enrico's Betrayal Gateway to the Deep - ToD Rebel Hideout - ToD

Remoran Fist - ToD

Temple of Xik Minru - ToD

Friend and Foe Quests The Books of Grael - ToD Counterfeit Writ Quest Darling's Collar - ToD Farmer Kao's Plea Fort Tethana Tug of War Hea Bone and Hide Shirt House Plants The Hunt for Muldaveus - ToD Hunter Kill Tasks - ToD (some) Jacob's Axe Lunnum's Pyre - ToD Ricardo's Blood Gem - ToD Sepulcher of Nightmares Squalid Shield - ToD Tome of Blood and Bone Tunnel of Love Worn & Battered Weapons

'Throne of Destiny' Quests Augmentation Gems - ToD The Beacon - ToD Brewmaster Quest - ToD Chasing Oswald - ToD Skill Credit - ToD Dericost Ruin - ToD Eater Jaws - ToD Eleonora's Heart - ToD Fiun Spellcasting Gloves - ToD Fledgemaster's Tusk - ToD Halaetan Collector - ToD Healing Machine - ToD Knights of Karlun - ToD Lorca Sammel's Necklace - ToD Marauder's Lair - ToD Penguin Eggs - ToD Red Bull of Sanamar - ToD Ruschk Challenger - ToD Snow Lilies - ToD Thrungus Hovels - ToD Thrungus Reaper - ToD Trade Alliance Quest - ToD Zaikhal Defender - ToD


Acid AxeAerfalle's Pallium Aerlinthe[ ]Altar of Asheron Altar of Bael'Zharon Ancient Olthoi Queen Apprentice Crafter Rewards Arcane Pedestal[ Arm, Mind, Heart (Lugian Armor)] Ashbane Asheron's Raiment[ ]Assault Weapons Asteliary Gem[ ]Atlan Weapons Attribute Redistribution Aun Golem Hunters Aun/Hea Romance Quest[ Aun Tanua's War Taiaha]

Aviator's Cap 
 Balor's Rescue

Banderling Camp - Fire Staff & Spear Banderling Shrine Bandit Hilt[ Bandit Shield] Banished Weapons Barbed Fletching Tool[ Baron's Amulet of Life Giving][ Basalt Blade][ Black Fire Atlan Stone] Black Marrow Reliquaries Blackmire Lore Blackmire Temple - Temple of Ixir Zi Blackmire 2 - Liazk Itzi's Temple Blackmire 3 - Halls of Hizk Ri Blackmire 4 - Temple of Kivik Lir Blackmire 5 Bleeargh's Gratitude Bobo - Tusker Island Recall Spell Bracelet of Dark Essence[ ]Branith's Shirt & Blazing Staff Brogord's Axe Bronze Statues Bronze Weapons Buadren[ Bunny Master Title Quest][ Bunny Slippers] Burun Burrow Burun Kings

Burun Slaying Weapons

Callous Heart Canescent Mattekar Robe Carlo di Cenza's Journal[ Casino Rewards] Caul Recall Scroll Caul Trophies - Atikir's Blade (Dagger)

Caul Trophies -  Doll's Eye (Ring)
Caul Trophies -  Doomshark Hide Coat
Caul Trophies -  Gikar's Dream (Staff)
Caul Trophies -  Mace of Dissonance
Caul Trophies -  Needletooth (UA)
Caul Trophies -   Nefane Pearl
Caul Trophies -   Nefane Shield

Caul Trophies - Plaguefang's Robe Caul Trophies - Puppeteer's Skull Caul Trophies - Scourge's Hide Leggings Caul Trophies - Snarl's Jerkin[ Caulnalain Vestibule] Chorizite Fletching Tool[ Chorizite Potions (Alchemy)] Chorizite Veined Shield

Coarse Hide Shirt

Collars of Fealty [ Composite Bows & Crossbows ]Crafters & Collectors (Arts & Crafts) Crafters & Collectors Marae Lassel Crop Crown of Bone Crystal Minds, Shattered Souls[ Crystal Sword] Curmudgeon's Friend Title Curse of the Golden Coin[ Dagger of Tikola] Dansha-Ki's Rescue - Dryreach Dark Sorcerer's Phylactery Dark Towers Deadly Hollow Weapons[ Diamond Shield] Diplomat Title Discus Drudge Fight Drudge Hideout Ebon Spine Harpoon

Elemental Weeping Weapons

Elysa's Favor Empyrean Acid Propylaeum Empyrean Fire Propylaeum Empyrean Ice Propylaeum Empyrean Lightning Propylaeum Empyrean Scalemail Shirt Enchanted Fire Arrow Energy Crown Energy Crystal Evil Couch Exploration Society Letter Quests Exquisite Elari Wood Bow

Fallen Weapons

Fenmalain Vestibule Fetid Dirk Fetish of the Dark Idols Feud of the Natural Philosophers Fishing Flags Flag Stamps Focusing Stone Font of Jojii Forbidden Catacombs [ Fragment of the Singularity] Frest Greelving's Haunted Mansion[ Frore] Gaerlan's Citadel Gareth Dain Gauntlets of Marksmanship Gelidite Library - Nuhmudira Gem of Impulse Gemstone Lockpick Gibbering Claw Gift Boxes Glenden Wood Crafters Grave Robber Title Green Mire Grave Halls of Knorr[ Hammer of Lightning] Hamud's Pyreal Katar Harbinger - Champion of Dereth Title Harker's Head Healer's Heart Heart of Innocence Heart of Shadow Hea Totem/Palenqual Rubble

Helm of the Elements

Hidden Cavern Hidden Entrance[ Hieromancer's Armor] Hollow Weapons Hollow Missile Weapons Homecoming Pennant

Horn of Vigilance

Horned Lugian Helm Ice Tachi Impious Staff The Invoker Isparian Arms (Atlan Upgrade) Isparian Weapons Modifying Tool Keyrings (Lockpicking) Keys & Lockpicking (Arts & Crafts) King Toad Idol K'rank's Errands Lair of the Homunculus

Liazk Itzi's Temple[

]Lilitha's Bow & Arrows Living Tome Mace of the Explorer Mage Academy[ Major Shivering Stone] Major Smoldering Stone[ Major Sparking Stone] Major Stinging Stone Map of Dereth Martine's Mask & Robe[ ]Masks (Arts & Crafts) Metal Round Shield - Eastham Sewers[ ]Mi Krau-Li's Improved Jitte[ Minor Atlan Stones][ Mnemosynes] The Moars[ Neydisa Hauberk] Niffis Fighting Pits Noble Weapons Noir Assassination Investigation Nuhmudira's Boon Nuhmudira's Journal[ Obsidian Axe] Obsidian Dagger Olthoi Armor Olthoi Chasm Olthoi Egg Foods Olthoi Queen

Olthoi Shield[

Olthoi Titles] Olthoi Weapons Orb of the Bunny Booty The Orphanage - Yaja's Reach Osseous Mace[ Oswald's Dagger] Oswald's Dirk[ Oswald's Throwing Daggers] Overlord's Sword Palenqual's Living Weapons Panaq Phantom Weapons Phantom Missile Weapons Platemail Hauberk - GW Dungeon Polestar Power Forges Preparation for the Ritus Prismatic Isparian Stone Putiputipuh's Onga Quiddity Orb Quiddity Weapons Quiddity Weapons - Ingots Quintessence Sickle Raeta's Necklace[ Ravenous Weapons] Refulgent Bracelet Reinforced Chests (Lockpicking) Renegade Fortress Renegade Herbal Kit & Stone Clasp Renegade Mace Renegade Stronghold Renegade Weapons[ Ring of the Watchman][ Robe of the Tundra] Ruined Amulets[ Rumuba's Jade Spear] Runed Chests (Lockpicking)[ Sacrificial Dagger]

Salvage Titles & Hats

Sanguinary Aegis Scroll of Dark Rain[ Serpent's Fang] Shackles of Obedience Shadow Captain's Heaume[ ]Shadow Hunter Armor Shard of the Hopeslayer[ Shendolain Vestibule] SIK Chests (Lockpicking) Silifi of Crimson Stars Simulacra Quests Singular Repositories[ Singularity Weapons]

Singularity Weapons (Bound)

Singularity Weapons (Ultimate) Siraluun Headdress and Dress Siraluun Matihao Skeletal Atlatl Skill Credit Quest Skill Specialization Skill Sell-Back Skull of Avoren Palacost Snowglobe Snowman Village[ Snowmen] Soul Fearing[ Soul Staff] Soul Stone Spear of the Given Heart[ ]Staff of Aerfalle Staff of Coercion Staff of the Nomads Staff of the Painbringer [ Starter Quests - Al-Arqas ] Starter Quests - Holtburg[ ]Starter Quests - Lytelthorpe[ Starter Quests - Nanto][ Starter Quests - Rithwic ][ Starter Quests - Samsur ][ Starter Quests - Shoushi ]Starter Quests - Yanshi Starter Quests - Yaraq Stone Tool Sturdy Steel Chests (Lockpicking) Sunstone & Opal Gauntlets Superior Helmet & Fiery Shield Superior Shield Suzuhara's Care Package Sword of Frozen Fury[ ] Sword of Lost Hope[ Sword of Lost Light][ Sword of Lost Light Fire Infusions] Tesserae Thorsten Cragstone's Armor & Axe[ Tibri's Fire Spear][ Title Quests] Training Academy Quest[ ] Trothyr's Shield Trothyr's War Hammer[ ]Tumerok Banners[ ]Tumerok Vanguard Outposts

Tursh Totem & Royal Oil

Tusker Titles

Ulgrim's Island and Casting Stein

Ulgrim's Recall Scroll Undead Mechanic Virindi Implants [ Virindi Keys] (Lockpicking)[ ]Virindi Scalpel [ Virindi Servant's Amulet] Virindi Spells - Gredaline Consulate Walking Boots Water of Ithaenc Water of Mt. Lethe Wedding Trials Weeping Weapons Withered Weapons Writ of Refuge Zharalim - Decrepit Tower

Retired Quests Asmolum's Throwing Daggers Gertarh's Dagger Martine's Retreat Olthoi Assault Titles

Spring Cleaner Title

Staff of the Weeping Witness Ulgrim Fools

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